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Yuengling Cycling Jersey

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 Look your best when cycling this season with this Yuengling Cycling Jersey. This cycling jersey is Club Cut and is professional in quality, it features vivid Yuengling logos throughout and the material is 100% Air-Dry Micro Cell Polyester. The center of the Yuengling Cycling Jersey is gold in color with carbonation graphics on the front and rear. The front has a 50cm invisible zipper and features the Yuengling script and Eagle logo on the chest. The Yuengling Traditional Lager logo appears on the back. The Yuengling Cycle Jersey is produced by Safety Smart Wear; this company produces some of the best quality cycling jerseys in the industry. The Lycra sleeves feature the Yuengling Lager and Light Lager logos. There are three pockets on the back, featuring the Light Lager and Black & Tan logos.  The sides are 100% Polyester Mesh with the Yuengling website address printed on them in block letters.  This jersey is Club Cut. Please refer to the sizing chart below to ensure you order the correct size.

Sizing Chart: Men's Jersey sizing below. They are Club cut not tailored to the waist. When women use this cut go up a least 1 size to accommodate the elastic waist band.


M - 42" 

L - 44"

XL- 46"

XXL- 48" 


Jersey Washing Instructions:

Zip the jersey completely up. Turn the jersey inside out and hand wash or wash on delicate cycle in the washer. Hang dry (is best) or set the dryer on (delicate setting only) so you do not melt the fabric. Do not wash your cycling "GLOVES" with your other cycling clothing. The Velcro will ruin the polyester jersey fabric. The Velcro will pick the material or pull individual threads. Use a mild detergent. If you are using the washing machine and have access to a wash bag place the jersey in the mesh bag for protection.




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