Retro Glassware Set

SKU: 1772

This collection of glasses features original label art from several past Yuengling brews. Yuengling's New Style Lager was a near beer that the brewery produced during the prohibition era. Yuengling Olde Oxford Brand Cream Ale was introduced in the 1930's and produced until the 1950's. The Bock Beer label appeared on bottles in 1934 and this product was produced until the 1970's. Since then, it has been seasonally reintroduced. The Yuengling Pilsener Beer label first appeared on bottles in the late 1940's. This collection of glassware features the art from these historic brands, which were proudly brewed by America's Oldest Brewery. We invite you to responsibly enjoy the Yuengling brews of today in these retro glasses that are a tribute to our fine beers of the past.


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