Our Partnership with Kelsey Barnard Clark

We’ve combined our passion for brewing excellence and the culinary expertise of our very own Sheryl Yuengling, 6th Generation Yuengling family, to take our love of beer and food to the next level.  This year, we’ve added an official partnership with celebrity chef Kelsey Barnard Clark. Yuengling drinkers and foodies can look forward to Kelsey and Sheryl sharing unique recipes that use the fan-favorite flavors of Yuengling beers to kick up some amazing dishes throughout the year.  So whether you are looking for tonight’s dinner idea or hosting the big game, Yuengling is here to help with recipes that will make your occasions even more special.

In addition to recipes, Yuengling drinkers can enter sweepstakes with great prizes like an exclusive party in the iconic Yuengling caves catered by Sheryl and Kelsey or a chance to win groceries for an entire year when you find Kelsey’s display where you buy Yuengling. Be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for more exciting announcements about our partnership with Kelsey.

Trending Recipes

Meet Chef Kelsey Barnard Clark

Kelsey, Top Chef season 16 winner, is an avid Yuengling fan and even served Yuengling at her wedding. After learning from world-class chefs at the Culinary Institute of America and fine-tuning her skills at some of Manhattan’s top restaurants, she’s preparing some delicious recipes with Yuengling beers for any occasion.

Meet Sheryl Yuengling

Sheryl, 6th generation Yuengling, has always had a passion for cooking. Since finishing her degree at the Pennsylvania School of Culinary Arts, she’s honed her chef skills in FL and PA prior to rejoining the family business. While also working in Yuengling’s Order Service department, she’s developing beer-inspired recipes and pairing for our fans to enjoy.

Enter our Sweepstakes

Fans of celebrity chef Kelsey Barnard Clark and Yuengling can enter to win a chance to dine in Yuengling’s historic caves. Enjoy a menu created by Kelsey and Sheryl that are inspired by America’s Oldest Brewery’s fine Lagers, Porters and Ales.


Check back here for future events with Kelsey and Sheryl!