How do I read the production code on my beer?

All of D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc. products are best consumed within 120 days of packaging. The production code can be determined by 1 of 2 ways on all bottles and cans: (1) An 11-digit number is located on the bottom of the can and on the neck of the bottle on a single line. […]

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Where do you distribute?

Currently, our distribution is limited by the production capacity and location of our three breweries which service our current distributors throughout our footprint. We would like to add more states in the future as we grow the company, but currently, there is not a specific timeline in place for expansion. To find our beer closest […]

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Why did Yuengling come out with a fruit-flavored beer?

Consumers are craving more flavor and we saw an opportunity to leverage our six generations of brewing expertise to create a bold mango beer that appeals to adventurous drinkers and adds a new edge to our portfolio of iconic beers. This contemporary addition to Yuengling’s portfolio is the ideal beverage for legal drinking-age adults who […]

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Can Yuengling distribute to military bases around the world?

The AAFES purchases Yuengling products direct from the brewery and distributes it to bases overseas. AAFES handles all of the logistics but the brewery does not know which bases receive our beer. Additionally, due to state laws, the AAFES is not permitted to send beer to US Bases that are outside of our current distribution […]

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