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America’s Oldest Brewery lives at 5th and Mahantongo Street in Pottsville, PA. We take pride and honor in maintaining the traditions of this historic brewery and brewing some damn good beer. We welcome fans to visit this brewery to learn more about our history, process and the six generations who have run this brewery.


In 1998 we announced the ground breaking for our Mill Creek brewery just 2 miles away from our original brewery. This brewery allowed us to meet our fan demands for our portfolio of beers in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region.


We started brewing in Tampa in 1999 when Yuengling purchased this brewery so that we could bring the goods to the southern states within our distribution area. This brewery will be expanding in 2022 with our Draft Haus and Kitchen. Yuengling fans will be able to enjoy delicious food, their favorite beer, limited-release brews, and some great entertainment.

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      America's Oldest Brewery - Since 1829
      Yuengling Lager
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