As a 6th generation brewery, we are dedicated to creating opportunities for the next generation of talented brewers. Through these opportunities, we aim to cultivate a more inclusive brewing community. We continue to support aspiring beer professionals through meaningful partnerships and programs that promote education, career development, inclusivity, and diversity.

Yuengling’s scholarship programs

Yuengling’s scholarship program started in 2017 with a partnership with the University of South Florida St. Petersburg (USFSP) Brewing Arts Program to provide a tuition scholarship, now known as the Yuengling Veteran Award, to aspiring brewers. The Yuengling Veteran Award grants a student, who previously served in the military, the opportunity to learn foundational brewing knowledge via online courses and then complete hands-on training with a local brewery. In 2019, Yuengling and Pink Boots Society launched the Yuengling Women in Brewing Scholarship Program as part of Yuengling’s multi-year commitment to the Pink Boots Society. The scholarships can be used to enroll in brewing courses at up to seven universities across the country.

Pink Boots

Pink Boots and Yuengling created a Yuengling Women in Brewing Scholarship and a Diversity in Brewing scholarship, to help broaden access to the brewing industry among underserved audiences. The scholarships strengthen recipients’ technical knowledge and leadership skills. Pink Boots Society members can visit to learn more about the scholarship and how to apply.

Scholarship Eligible Programs support students at Cincinnati State University of the Sciences in Philadelphia PA College of Technology University of South Florida Harrisburg Area Community College, Siebel Institute, and eCornell University

Pink Boots Society members can visit to learn more about the scholarship and how to apply.

USF Brewing Arts

Yuengling supports the University of South Florida’s Brewing Arts Certificate Program, which funds recipients’ scholarships for the USFSP Brewing Arts Certificate Program.  This program provides online coursework that covers the entire process of brewing learning, from base ingredients to the science and business of craft beer. More recently, a new The Diversity in Brewing Scholarship was created to fund an individual from traditionally underrepresented groups.

To apply, any eligible participants can visit their USFSP Brewing Arts page.

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