Yuengling ArtsQuest Statement

Regarding questions received about Yuengling’s support of ArtsQuest, scheduled events, and age restrictions, the following statement was issued June 16, 2023:

“Yuengling has been a supporter of ArtsQuest for many years, along with over 300 local community supporters.  We’re proud to be part of their efforts to revitalize an industrial neighborhood in Bethlehem, PA.  Through our ArtsQuest sponsorship, we have naming rights to the “Musikfest Café Presented by Yuengling” venue.  ArtsQuest independently plans the events and policies that take place at this venue, and all of their other performance areas.  Yuengling actively promotes responsible drinking for patrons 21 years of age and older.  We are working to align with ArtsQuest regarding appropriate age restrictions for venues associated with our sponsorship.  We support their decision to restrict attendance to 18+ for the June 30th show.  For more information, contact “

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