Yuengling Opens the Neighboring State of WV

Pottsville, PA, April 2009 – D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc., America’s Oldest Brewery, is pleased to announce that it is expanding sales into the state of West Virginia.

Sixteen distributors have been assigned to open the entire state. Yuengling is proud to welcome into our wholesaler network: American Beer Co., Beverage Distributors, Carenbauer Distributing Co., Eagle Distributing Co., Elkins Distributing Co., J.C. Mensore Distributor, Jefferson Distributing Co., Mingo Bottling Co., Mona Supply Co., Inc., Mountain Eagle Distributing, Northern Eagle, Preston Silver Eagle, Proud Eagle – S. Charleston and Parkersburg, Valley Distributing Co., and Waldorf Distributing Co.

Yuengling will introduce Lager, Light Lager and Black & Tan packaged beer in May, and likely start shipping draft later this summer.

“The state of West Virginia and Yuengling brand aficionados have eagerly awaited this announcement as avid patrons will no longer have to cross state lines to enjoy their favorite beverage,” stated Larry Oleksa, President/Owner of Mona Supply Co., Inc. “We anticipate an unprecedented rollout of the Yuengling brands in May 2009. Our entire staff of dedicated employees looks forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship for many years to come.”

“Yuengling has experienced a good share of the market in neighboring states to its home state of Pennsylvania. Coupled with the strong demand of our products, expansion into the state of West Virginia was a natural choice for us.” commented Lou Romano, Yuengling Marketing Manager. “We feel our core company values of family, heritage, quality and tradition are reflected not only in the wholesale network, but in the residents of the state as well,” Romano added.

“The time has come and the Yuengling family of beers represents the final frontier. I can think of no other brand left in this country that has the potential to satisfy consumers’ tastes more than the Yuengling brands,” remarks Carl Carenbauer, President/Owner of Carenbauer Distributing Corp.

For more information contact:
Lou Romano, 570-622-0153 ext 131,
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