190 Years and Countless Generations of Families

190 Years and Countless Generations of Families

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190 Years and Countless Generations of Families

As we celebrate our 190th anniversary, we reflect on our enduring history and are humbled to call ourselves America’s Oldest Brewery. This year, we’re not just celebrating 190 years of brewing quality beer, we’re also celebrating six generations of the family business. As part of the 6th generation, my sisters and I are proud of our family’s perseverance and how they overcame major hurdles of time, including Prohibition and The Great Depression. We remain driven and inspired by our past and that’s why we embrace opportunities and make decisions that will benefit the next generations and keep the business going for another 190 years.

One focus that has always remained the same for Yuengling is that brewing is a family affair. Everything we do is a reflection of the five generations before us, as well as the generations of employees and their families.  They are what make the brewery a great place to work. We wanted to take a moment to show our appreciation to all of our employees while highlighting some of those that have contributed to the brewery’s success.  Please meet some members of our brewery family below.

Jenn Kruss, Gift Shop Manager; Mark Cook, Retired Brewer; Jaime Eroh, Sales Administration

(Father & Daughters)


What is special about working at Yuengling?

Jenn: I enjoy working at the Gift Shop because you get to see so many diverse people come in from all around the world – each one passionate about Yuengling. They have eagle tattoos, beer tattoos – you name it.

How does it feel to have your two daughters working at Yuengling?

Mark: It feels good to have my daughters following in my footsteps. I started at Yuengling in 1992, and this place has meant a lot to me.

How does working here make you feel like you’re a part of a family?

Jaime: It’s not just the Yuengling family that makes you feel welcomed; it’s also the other employees. The employees that are hired here are people that I’ve graduated with; it’s people that have lived down the street from me while I was growing up.

John Callahan, Brew Manager; Debbie Callahan, Accounting Clerk

(Husband & Wife)


What’s your favorite part about working at Yuengling?

Donna: My favorite part is that we see our bosses every day. We know they’re here and they’re working, too.

What does it mean to brew Yuengling beer?

John: People come here on tours and are just in awe that it’s 190-year-old brewery. We’ve been doing this for a long time, and our recipes are tried and true.

What does it mean to be America’s Oldest Brewery?

John: America’s Oldest Brewery to me means tradition. We survived the Civil War, two world wars, Prohibition, The Great Depression, recession – we survived everything, and we’re still here. That has to tell you something. People want good beer.

A big thank you to all our employees!

-Debbie Yuengling

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