Cheers to Our Fans

Cheers to Our Fans

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Cheers to Our Fans

We’re a family owned and operated brewery – now in our sixth generation of Yuengling brewers. Our success comes from nearly 19 decades of hard work and traditions, but we wouldn’t be able to become one of the best-selling beers in America without our passionate, loyal fans. To celebrate our fans that are like family, we’re highlighting some of our favorite social comments from our most devoted drinkers from near and far who over the years have included us in their own traditions.

My dad and grandfather have been drinking Yuengling for as long as I can remember. I turned 21 a month ago, and a Yuengling with my dad was one of the first things I did. My grandfather even took me to his favorite bar to have a Yuengling with him a few days later. I’m a Jersey native with PA roots that’s finishing college in Kutztown PA, and waiting to tour the brewery with my dad and grandpa soon. Yuengling is in my family…” – Claire S.

I’m a native Pennsylvanian, traveling back home to visit family. My son, a Navy Corpsman assigned to the 1st Marine Division, is making the drive, too. He will be shipping out soon, and is taking the opportunity to see his Grandparents and other family members. We always load up the car with Yuengling for friends in Minnesota who have developed a taste for the oldest brewery in America.” – John T.

We know our fans care about our brands as much as we do, so we’re constantly listening to their responses to develop our products. Inspired by consumer feedback, we created our first new core product in 17 years to deliver a beer in the refreshment category. Yuengling Golden Pilsner is a refreshing, modern pilsner that has all the qualities our fans love about Yuengling – a beer that is sessionable and full of flavor.

Love the traditions and products of our area. This product [Golden Pilsner] lives up to the statement on the bottle, “refreshing and smooth” indeed…” – Paul K.

Despite only being available in 22 states, we’re confident we have the most loyal fans around the country.

I’m so happy Yuengling is finally available in Kentucky. I grew up in PA, so drinking Yuengling makes me think of home…

– Beth W.

Check out some more of our favorite pictures from fans:

-Jen, Wendy, Debbie, Sheryl 

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