Yuengling Partners with American Eagle Foundation

Yuengling Partners with American Eagle Foundation

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Yuengling Partners with American Eagle Foundation

In 1829, our great-great-great grandfather, David G. Yuengling, arrived from Germany determined to build a legacy for our family. With this goal in mind, he established The Eagle Brewery in Pottsville, Pennsylvania and debuted the iconic eagle on its labels. The Bald Eagle was known as, and is still recognized as, the U.S. National Symbol, representing strength, determination and freedom. Although we are now known as the D.G. Yuengling & Son Brewery, the eagle is still a symbol of inspiration for us. As America’s Oldest Brewery, we have remained family-owned and operated and fiercely independent for 190 years despite our challenging history. Generations of our family and employees have contributed to our success by demonstrating qualities of perseverance, symbolic of the eagle, and we are devoted to protecting this special bird.

We are proud to partner with the American Eagle Foundation (AEF) to support its mission to protect and care for the Bald Eagle. Through education, conservation and rehabilitation, AEF has aided in removing the Bald Eagle from the endangered species list, but continued efforts are needed to preserve these species for future generations.

To kick off the partnership, we invite fans worldwide to tune in to AEF’s nest cams to witness eaglets hatch and grow into majestic birds while also receiving a better understanding of the importance of protecting eagle habitats. This year, viewers can watch with anticipation as two new eagles, Samson & Gabrielle, occupy the Northeast Florida Bald Eagle Nest , known as “The Hamlet.” To enhance the educational experience, knowledgeable experts moderate a chat on the eagle cam webpage, allowing viewers to comment and ask questions about the eagles.

In addition to protecting eagle habitats, AEF also assists in repopulating the species through its breeding and rehabilitation programs. In 2020, we will partner with AEF to host an eaglet release in honor of a fallen service member. Make sure to follow our brewery and AEF on social media to stay updated on details.

There are several other ways we encourage fans to support AEF and its efforts. On June 20, we will celebrate National American Eagle Day at our Pottsville brewery where visitors can come face-to-face with a live bald eagle and learn about his history from a professional eagle handler. AEF will also host a nationwide habitat cleanup initiative to ensure habitats remain safe nesting areas for future Bald Eagles. Fans across the country can also donate to AEF for a chance to win the “Experience America – National Parks Getaway” for a close-up adventure with American eagles in their natural habitats.

We hope you will join us now and in 2020 as we support the American Eagle Foundation and help protect our country’s national symbol. To stay up-to-date on all our events and announcements, follow @Yuengling on Facebook, @Yuengling_Beer on Twitter and @YuenglingBeer on Instagram.

– Debbie Yuengling

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