Marking 190 Years: Limited-Edition Commemorative Cans

Marking 190 Years: Limited-Edition Commemorative Cans

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Marking 190 Years: Limited-Edition Commemorative Cans

As America’s Oldest Brewery, we have a long, colorful history filled with many stories of perseverance and determination.  With the support of our family, employees, communities, and loyal fans, we are fortunate to have overcome significant challenges  such as prohibition and World Wars, and embraced opportunities that have made our brewery what it is today.  This year, we’re excited to mark another major milestone as we celebrate 190 years of brewing good times.

For our 190th anniversary, we’re kicking off celebrations with the release of limited-edition Yuengling Lager beer cans.  These five commemorative cans showcase the transformation of our iconic eagle icon and pay tribute to our enduring history.

In 1829, our family brewery was founded by David G. Yuengling who arrived from Wuerttemberg, Germany in pursuit of the American dream.  He settled in the small, coal-mining town of Pottsville, Pennsylvania where he established the “Eagle Brewery” and debuted our iconic eagle and barrel imagery on our beer labels.  Ever since, this icon has embodied the independent and spirited nature of our brewery and the Yuengling Lager brand.

During the past 190 years, we have a built a family business based on providing consumers with high quality beers.  The eagle is a symbol of quality for everything we brew.  It is a part of our identity and keeps us inspired – so much so that it became the center of our “Spread Your Wings” brand campaign in 2018.  The campaign and tagline were designed to engage our consumers and inspire them to pursue their passions, just as we and five generations before us have done.

Between January and April 2019, we will release a new commemorative can design each month, so make sure to collect all five before they’re all gone.  For more exciting 190th anniversary events, small batch beers and announcements, continue to follow along on our blog or visit our FacebookTwitter and Instagram.


-Jen Yuengling

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